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IconTrust’s advisor-friendly model is to work with you instead of competing for assets under management. We work as a TEAM with the client’s financial advisor, attorney, and tax professional to provide trust administration at a FLAT FEE. Clients prefer the separation of duties, flat trustee fees, and greater flexibility of an advisor-friendly trustee model. We are bringing common sense into the trust industry with simple procedures and simple fees that everyone can understand.

We know there is an inherent conflict between being a trustee and managing investments, and that is why we do not do it. It is the “fox guarding the henhouse.” Clients are tired of the old conventional bank trustee model of in-house investment management, proprietary products and platforms, and asset-based administration fees.
Why icon?

Your Business Stays Your Business

Financial advisors who have clients that have named IconTrust as successor trustee are more likely to continue to manage those client assets for multiple generations. Trust assets are sticky and working with advisor-friendly trustee is the glue to the next generation.

You should want to build a wall around your book of business to protect it from other financial professionals. Several studies show that when a client dies without a trust their account is moved away from you within 6 months. Working with IconTrust ensures your business STAYS your business.

Benefits for Financial Advisors

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We do not Manage Investments
Financial advisors continue to manage investments on their preferred custodial platform. You choose where you want to custody your client’s assets.
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Flat Trustee Fees for all Types of Trusts
We think charging trustee fees on assets under administration is outdated. Our time is a fixed expense, and our flat fees reflect that.
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Become a Legacy Advisor
Financial advisors remain the CEO of the trustee/client relationship. Your clients trust you. We work behind the scenes to support you while you continue to be the primary contact for your clients.
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Offer the Nevada Advantage
IconTrust is in Nevada, the top trust jurisdiction. Offering trust services with a Nevada trustee gives you a competitive advantage over local trust companies. You can now recommend advanced estate and asset protection planning strategies like Asset Protection Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, and state income tax planning.
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IconTrust is a fully independent Nevada trust company. We work with independent and wirehouse advisors. We view the financial advisor as our client. If you switch broker dealers, IconTrust and your client will go with you.
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Transferring a Trust
If you come across existing trust business, we can help facilitate the process of removing the current trustee, appointing IconTrust, and securing new assets under management for your business. We call it the WIN/WIN/WIN solution. 
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IconTrust as Trustee

IconTrust, LLC is our legal name when being drafted into a client’s trust document. Clients will need to visit their attorney and make sure their attorney drafts the appropriate language into the trust.

If you have any questions, please email or call 702-998-3700
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