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Evolving with the Times

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Years of experience in an outdated and archaic trust industry prompted our ICONs to institute a better way. Trust services should be simple, easy to understand and forward-thinking. 

Our mission is to SIMPLIFY trust administration, create the best customer experience for our clients, their beneficiaries and professional resources, and evolve the trust industry into this century.

Estate planning is more than dollars and cents; it is creating a legacy for generations to come. But your legacy needs to progress with the times. IconTrust is the first trust company to implement a truly flat fee schedule for ALL trust services. 

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Safeguard client assets and provide continuity and peace of mind for multiple generations.
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Empower our clients to understand their estate plan and how it operates.
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Evolve to meet the changing needs of settlors and beneficiaries.
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Utilize technology to modernize the trust industry.
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Disrupt the traditional fee model.
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